Custom DNA Oligos

100% QC IDT ø! ּ ռϿ 60mer ռ մϴ.

Ultramer DNA Oligos (up to 200 bases)

ִ 200 mer ø ռ !

Dicer Substrate RNAi(27mer)

21mer ȿ IDT 27mer DsiRNA


100% Knock down ϴ siRNA Kit, 3 target siRNA positive & negative control 帳ϴ.

gBlocks Gene Fragments

Double Strand DNA without Vector ( ִ 2kbp ռ)


Ȯ ռ Ѵٸ IDT 񽺸 ̿ϼ

oPools Oligo Pools

Start with solid bases

Alt-R CRISPR Custom Guide RNAs

Alt-R CRISPR Custom Guide RNAs

PrimeTime qPCR Primer Assays (SYBR)

100% ϴ SYBR green qPCR Primer Sets

Probe-Based qPCR Master Mix

probe-based qPCR assays ȭ Ǿ ְ, two-step RT-qPCR >90% ȿ մϴ.

PrimeTime qPCR 5' Nuclease Assays (Probe)

100% ϴ Pre-designed qPCR assay

Ultramer RNA Oligos (up to 120 bases)

RNA 120mer ռ

Megamer Single-Stranded DNA Fragments

CRISPR ȿ HDR (homology-directed repair)

Alt-R CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing

2-part RNA CRISPR/Cas9 system ȿ մϴ.

Alt-R CRISPR-Cpf1 genome editing

tracrRNA crRNA Cas12a (Cpf1) protein ϰ genome editing ֽϴ.

Enhancers & controls

Genome editing - Enhancers & controls

Affinity Plus qPCR Probes

Increase SNP target specificity and use shorter sequences with these high Tm probes

Affinity Plus DNA & RNA Oligonucleotides

Oligos incorporating locked nucleic acids for enhanced stability and nuclease resistance

xGen Blocking Oligos

Improve on-target performance during targeted sequencing by reducing adapter-to-adapter hybridization

xGen Lockdown Probes & Gene Capture Pools

Individually quality controlled capture probes for targeted sequencing

xGen Exome Research Panel

Deep, uniform coverage of the human exome with best-in-class capture panel

xGen Pan-Cancer Panel

Enrich for genes implicated in several cancers

xGen Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cancer Panel

The xGen AML Cancer Panel v1.0 comprises 11,743 xGen Lockdown Probes

xGen Inherited Diseases Panel

Targeted sequencing of genes associated with inherited diseases

xGen Human ID Research Panel

The xGen Human ID Research Panel enables unique identification of individual samples from a larger population.

xGen Human mtDNA Research Panel

The xGen Human mtDNA Research Panel is designed to simplify the investigation of human mitochondrial genes by delivering optimal performance across the entire 16 kb human mitochondrial genome.

xGen Dual Index UMI Adapters—Tech Access

Improve detection of low-frequency variants

xGen Library Amplification Primer Mix

Amplify libraries for any Illumina sequencing platform

Human Cot DNA

Block non-specific hybridization

xGen CNV Backbone panel

xGen CNV Backbone Panel

Lotus DNA Library Prep Kit

One kit. Flexible workflow. Endless applications.

rhAmpSeq amplicon sequencing system - NGS power. PCR simplicity

Faster discovery with a rapid and accurate targeted sequencing solution

xGen Stubby Adapter and UDI Primers

High quality adapters that meet the ever-expanding needs of researchers using NGS
Custom RNA Oligos
96-Well / 384-Well Plates
PrimeTime qPCR Probes and Quenchers
Molecular Beacons
LNA PrimeTime Probes
DsiRNA Controls and Reagents
Surveyor Mutation Detection Kits
miRNA Cloning Products
IDT miRNA Inhibitors
Digoxigenin (NHS Ester)
Azide (NHS Ester)
ReadyMade Primers
ReadyMade Buffers and Solutions
Oligo Length Standards
Nuclease Detection Products
Amino Modifiers
Thiol Modifications
Freedom Dyes
Alexa Fluor Dyes
CY Dyes
Rhodamine Dyes
WellRED Dyes
Iowa Black Dark Quenchers
Dark Quenchers Modifications
3'-Ribo Primers
Iso-dC and Iso-dG
Fluoro Bases
Phosphorothioate Bonds
miRCat Small RNA Cloning Kit
Click Chemistry
454 Rapid Library Adapters and Fusion Primers
MGB Eclipse Probes and Primers
rhAmp SNP Assays
rhAmp ADME SNP Assays
rhAmp Assays in matrix racks
rhAmp Genotyping Master Mix and Reporter Mixes
eBlocks Gene Fragments