Dicer Substrate RNAi(27mer)

Custom Dicer-Substrate siRNAs (DsiRNAs)

RNAi target Ư ϱ short double-stranded (ds) RNAs մϴ. long dsRNA
Dicer ؼ 2-base 3'-overhangs short 21-23 base duplexes ߸ ˴ϴ. "small interfering RNAs" (siRNAs) Ҹ ̷ RNA RNA Induced Silencing Complex (RISC)  ǰ mRNA degradationϴµ sequence-specific guide ϰ ˴ϴ. small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) 21-mers ռ Ǿ in vivo Dicer 깰 䳻 Ͽϴ. 21-mer siRNAs Dicer cleavage ġ ˴ϴ. ׷ ֱٿ Dicer siRNA duplexes RISC µ Ѵٴ ˷ ֱ Dicer interaction ʼ Դϴ.
IDT Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope National Medical Center 赿ȣ ڻ John Rossiڻ ߵ
Dicer-substrate RNAs ռ 27-mer duplex RNAsμ Dicer 21-mer siRNAs ˴ϴ. ̷ Ӱ RNAiduplex Ʈ Ͽ 21mer siRNA 10 ȿ Ÿϴ.
27 merκ ̻ 21-mer product ΰ ȿ Ű ʽϴ. IDT ȿ شȭϴ dicing 󿡼 ̿Ͻ ֽϴ. ̷ 񽺴 IDT մϴ
: Dicer Substrate RNAi oligos strand 24-30 RNA bases 3 DNA bases մϴ.

DsiRNA 差

2 nmole Screening DsiRNA Duplex
Standard desalting 
RNase Free HPLC (105,000 ߰) inquire
2 nmole Screening DsiRNA Plate Duplex
Standard desalting 

24 ̻ ֹ RNase Free HPLC inquire
10 nmole Screening DsiRNA Duplex
Standard desalting 
RNase Free HPLC (147,000 ߰) inquire
10 nmole Screening DsiRNA Plate Duplex Standard desalting
24 ̻ ֹ RNase Free HPLC inquire
40 nmole Screening DsiRNA Duplex *Դϴ.

Predesigned DsiRNAs - DsiRNA RefSeq Library

RefSeq Genbank collection(http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/RefSeq.) human, mouse, rat, cow, dog, chicken, and chimp
transcriptomes 25,000 3,000,000 ̻ pre-designed DsiRNA IDT մϴ. IDT 3,000,000 ̻
pre-designed DsiRNA sequence ְ ֽϴ. pre-design IDT Dicer-substrate specific Ģ ̿ ˰ ϴ. sequences cross-hybridization off-target effects(Smith-Waterman analysis) ּȭ Ͽ ̹ ˷ SNP alternative splice exon ŵǰ ˴ϴ. local mRNA 2 ϵ մϴ.
IDT Predesigned DsiRNA duplexes մϴ.
••Splice common: targets all known variants of a gene in RefSeq; duplexes lie only within common extons. This constitutes the bulk of the DsiRNA collection and is the correct choice for most users. 8-10 duplexes are available for each gene target.
••Splice specific: targets only exons present in specific splice forms. In some cases, the unique exon may be very small or comprise sequence unfavorable for selection of RNAi duplexes (please note that knock-down guarantees do not apply for these sites). This collection is intended for those researchers who have a specialized need to selectively target specific splice variants or isoforms.

ũ Ȯ ֽϴ.


27mer siRNA ı
si RNA ı
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