Rhodamine Dyes

Rhodamine GreenTM-X (NHS Ester)

Extinction Coefficient: 18000
- at Absorbance Max: 74000

Rhodamine RedTM-X (NHS Ester)

Extinction Coefficient: 32000
- at Absorbance Max: 129000

5-TAMRA TM (Azide)

The 5-isomer of TAMRATM has a similar spectral property to 6-TAMRATM. 5-TAMRATM is attached to an oligo through the copper (I) catalyzed alkyne-azide click reaction. The internal version of this modification is attached to the oligo through a dT base. Incorporation of the internal version will add a dT nucleotide at that position. To avoid adding an extra nucleotide, replace an existing T nucleotide in your sequence with the required modification.
Extinction Coefficient: 30300
- at Absorbance Max: 91000

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