6-FAM (Azide)

This form of FAM is attached to the oligonucleotide using click chemistry. The internal version of this modification is attached to the oligo through a dT base. A dT nucleotide will be added at the position of the modification. To avoid adding an extra nucleotide, replace an existing T nucleotide in your sequence with the required modification.
Extinction Coefficient: 15700
- at Absorbance Max: 83000


Texas Red-X (NHS Ester)

Texas Red-X is a commonly used red wavelength fluorescent dye. It is available only as an NHS ester and must be attached to an amino-modified oligonucleotide.
Extinction Coefficient: 14400
- at Absorbance Max: 80000

Lightcycler 640 (NHS Ester)

Lightcycler 640 (NHS Ester) is only available as an NHS Ester and must be attached to an amino-modified oligonucleotide. It is a red dye which spectrally lies between Texas Red (NHS Ester) and Cy5. It is commonly used as a FRET reporter along with a 6-FAM donor in assays run on the Roche Lightcycler real-time PCR platform.
Extinction Coefficient: 67363
- at Absorbance Max: 181070

Dy 750 (NHS Ester)

Extinction Coefficient: 18900
- at Absorbance Max: 270000
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