xGen Exome Research Panel
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xGen Exome Research Panel

Deep, uniform coverage of the human exome with best-in-class capture panel

The xGen Exome Research Panel v1.0 consists of 429,826 individually synthesized, and quality controlled xGen Lockdown Probes. The Exome Research Panel spans a 39 Mb target region (19,396 genes) of the human genome and covers 51 Mb of end-to-end tiled probe space. All probes in the panel are manufactured using GMP standards. Mass spectrometry and OD measurements are taken for each probe to ensure appropriate representation of the correctly manufactured probes in the pool.

  • Obtain consistent results with individually synthesized target capture probes manufactured to GMP standards
  • Achieve deep and uniform coverage even across difficult GC-rich regions
  • Integrate with common sequencing platforms

xGen Exome Research Panel v1.0



16 rxn xGen Exome Research Panel v1.0

₩8,640,000 KRW

96 rxn xGen Exome Research Panel v1.0

₩43,200,000 KRW


Exome sequencing is invaluable for sequencing only the coding regions of the human genome. With exons representing only 3% of the genome, it is critical to have an effective method of separating these regions from non-coding DNA to focus on potentially important mutations implicated in disease. The captured material must also be suitable for sequencing to a satisfactory depth of coverage for reliable detection of variant alleles.

The xGen Exome Research Panel consists of 5 biotin–modified oligonucleotide probes that are individually synthesized and individually analyzed by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI-MS) and OD measurement. The probes are then normalized before pooling to ensure that each probe is represented in the panel at the correct concentration. Probes that fail quality control are resynthesized. This rigorous manufacturing process gives the xGen Exome Research Panel a unique advantage over array-derived pools, in which missing or truncated probes cannot be identified before sequencing. Using IDT proprietary synthesis methods, even probes with high GC and AT content are appropriately represented in the panel.

To provide increased depth of coverage and enable high multiplexing of samples, the xGen Exome Research Panel targets only the coding sequences (CDS) of human coding genes in the RefSeq database.


The xGen Exome Research Panel v1.0 consists of 429,826 GMP compliant, individually synthesized, and quality controlled xGen Lockdown Probes spanning a 39 Mb target region of the human genome covered by 51 Mb of end-to-end tiled space.

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The xGen AML Cancer Panel v1.0 comprises 11,743 xGen Lockdown Probes, spanning 1.19 Mb of the human genome, for targeted enrichment of >260 genes associated with the AML to provide more efficient detection of disease-causing mutations.

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The xGen Pan-Cancer Panel v1.5 consists of 7816 xGen Lockdown Probes, spanning 800 kb of the human genome, that capture 127 significantly mutated genes implicated across 12 tumor types for deeper sequencing coverage.

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The xGen Inherited Diseases Panel v1.0 consists of 116,355 xGen Lockdown Probes, spanning 11.1 Mb of the human genome, designed for targeted enrichment of genes and SNPs associated with inherited diseases.

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The xGen Human ID Research Panel consists of 229 xGen Lockdown Probes for targeted enrichment of a definitive set of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) selected to identify a unique individual from a population of over 5 million biological samples.

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The xGen Human mtDNA Research Panel provides of 138 xGen Lockdown Probes for cost-effective and accurate detection of sequence variants in mitochondrial DNA.

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Supplementing xGen Lockdown Panels

xGen Lockdown Panels can be customized by supplementing with additional probes. When supplementing an xGen Lockdown Panel, it is important to add the new probes at the same molar concentration as the probes in the original pool. The following table lists the molar concentration of each probe for a single hybrid capture reaction.

Panel Number of Probes fmol per Reaction
xGen Exome Research Panel v1.0  429,826 0.025 
xGen Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cancer Panel v1.0 11,743 0.255
xGen Pan-Cancer Panel v1.0 7,816 0.384
xGen Inherited Diseases Panel v1.0 116,355 0.026

For step-by-step instructions on how to supplement xGen Lockdown Panels with additional probes, contact contact our NGS technical support group at xgen@idtdna.com for the Probe Supplementation (Spike-In) Protocol.

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