xGen® Blocking Oligos
1075474xGen® Universal Blockers - TS Mix, 16 rxn16 rxn-로그인
1075475xGen® Universal Blockers - TS Mix, 96 rxn96 rxn-로그인
1075476xGen® Universal Blockers - TS Mix, 4 x 96 rxn4 x 96 rxn-로그인
BLOCKING10X-IT-A[IDT] 10 rxn xGen® Universal Blocking Oligo - IT-A10 reactions-로그인
BLOCKING10X-IT-P1[IDT] 10 rxn xGen® Universal Blocking Oligo - IT-P110 reactions-로그인
BLOCKING25X-IT-A[IDT] 25 rxn xGen® Universal Blocking Oligo - IT-A25 reactions-로그인
BLOCKING25X-IT-P1[IDT] 25 rxn xGen® Universal Blocking Oligo - IT-P125 reactions-로그인

xGen® Blocking Oligos

xGen® Blocking Oligos prevent adapter cross hybridization and minimize off-target capture, increasing specificity during targeted sequencing.


xGen Universal Blockers—TS Mix is designed for use with Illumina® barcoded adapters. This ready-to-use mix effectively blocks dual- or single-index adapters to significantly improve on-target performance.

  • Improve on-target performance by reducing adapter-to-adapter hybridization
  • Effectively block multiple barcoded adapters using a single set of blocking oligos
  • Reduce workflow steps with a convenient premixed liquid formulation

Also available

  •  xGen Standard Blocking Oligos
  • xGen Custom Blocking Oligos
  • xGen Blocking Oligos for diagnostics   
  • xGen Blocking Oligos for Ion Torrent adapters  

xGen® Universal Blocking Oligos

 xGen Universal Blockers—TS Mix

xGen Universal Blockers—TS Mix is a specially formulated blend of IDT’s industry leading universal blocking oligos for Illumina® adapters. Based on proprietary technology, this ready-to-use, single tube mix blocks Illumina LT (p5, p7 – 6 nt & 8 nt) and HT (i5, i7) adapters to deliver optimal on-target sequencing performance and overall cost-effectiveness. Both 16- and 96-reaction formats are available for convenient experimental design and use with xGen Lockdown Panels or xGen Lockdown Probe set

New Product Name  List Price(KRW) 
xGen® Universal Blockers - TS Mix, 16 rxn           1,300,000
xGen® Universal Blockers - TS Mix, 96 rxn           6,350,000
xGen® Universal Blockers - TS Mix, 4 x 96 rxn          23,300,000

xGen® Standard Blocking Oligos 

For single-index adapters (e.g., Illumina® TruSeq®)

Illumina TruSeq® library adapters consist of 1 universal adapter and 24 barcoded adapters. The 24 barcoded adapters are labeled 1–27 (17, 24, and 26 are not publicly available).

For dual-index adapters (e.g., Illumina TruSeq HT)

Illumina TruSeq HT® adapters are "dual-indexed" adapters from Illumina. The i5 oligos consist of numbers D501–D508 and the i7 oligos consist of D701–D712, which allow for up to 96 barcode combinations.

For Ion Torrent™ Barcoded Adapters

Ion Torrent has two non-barcoded adapters (A and P1) and 32 barcoded P1 adapters.

For Roche®/454 Adapters

Protocols for blocking Roche 454 GS and GS Jr adapters generally require only two blocking oligos. The adapters in this set are recommended by Roche Nimblegen in the SeqCap LR V3.0 protocol.

xGen® Custom Blocking Oligos                                
Custom designs
Product Pricing Length
10 nmole xGen® Blocking Oligo ₩1,800 KRW / Base 20 - 75 Bases
25 nmole xGen® Blocking Oligo ₩3,600 KRW / Base 20 - 75 Bases

Custom Yield or Modification Quote

While we have identified the most commonly used modifications and services required for effective blocking in next generation sequencing, IDT understands that certain modifications or services may improve the performance of our oligonucleotides for your specific application. In the event that the standard modifications or yields do not meet your needs, please submit this form to receive a custom quote.
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