MGB Eclipse Probes and Primers

IDT ϴ MGB Eclipse Probes ISO 13485 Ե GMP ü ռ human IVD θ ִ probeԴϴ. PCR ־ ſ ߿ ϳ̸, gold standard qPCR(5 nuclease assays)MGB(minor groove binder) probe Դϴ.

پ Ͽ multiplex ϱ MGB hybridization ȭϰ Tm ÷ ª ø AT-rich region detectionϰų allelic discrimination ϴµ ſ մϴ.



  • Fluorophores: FAM, HEX, TET, or Yakima Yellow dyes

  • Full sequences

  • Normalized final yield: 6nmole, 20nmole,  50nmole

  • Length: typically 13-20 bases

  • Turnaround time: 4-5 weeks

 Dye - Quencher

 Final yield




 FAM - MGB Eclipse




 HEX - MGB Eclipse




 TET- MGB Eclipse




 YAK - MGB Eclipse




picture 1.PNG

 Comparison qPCR studies of multiple MGB probe and primer sets manufactured by IDT versus those made by another leading manufacturer demonstrated equivalent genotyping calls for KRAS mutations and high specificity for the appropriate wild-type or mutant allele (Figure 1). End-point fluorescent signal intensities were similar or slightly higher using MGB Eclipse Probes from IDT.


Figure 1. Genotyping Results From KRAS G12R qPCR Assays Using Probe and Primers Manufactured by IDT and Another Leading Manufacturer. The KRAS G12R qPCR assays used MGB Eclipse probes (FAM dye—wild-type probe; TET dye—mutant probe) and primers made by either IDT or another leading manufacturer (Company L). Reactions (10 µL) were run with 104 copies of wild-type, mutant, or pooled wild-type/mutant template (IDT gBlocks Gene Fragments) and TaqMan Gene Expression Master Mix (Life Technologies) on a CFX384 Touch Real-Time PCR Detection System (BioRad). Cycling conditions were 3 min. 95C; 50 x (10 sec. 95C, 30 sec. 60C).

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