IDT 50 bases - 5.0 kb ڸ ռ ֽϴ.



MiniGene 25-500 bp    1-2
Gene 501-1500 bp    2-3
Gene 1501-3000 bp    
Gene 3001-5000    


••ڵ ȭ
••Plasmid cloning( ϴ vector )
••Double-stranded DNA
••4 g purified plasmid DNA
•• к ༭
••No set up charge

2. Gene Synthesis Applications

▪▪Protein Expression of recombinant antibodies, fusion proteins, novel proteins, and functional peptides
▪▪microRNA genes
▪▪Standards for quantitative PCR and other assays
▪▪Template for in vitro transcription (IVT)
▪▪shRNA expression cassettes
▪▪Regulatory sequence cassettes
▪▪Synthetic repeat constructs
▪▪Custom vectors
▪▪Microarray-ready cDNA
▪▪Gene variants and SNPs
▪▪DNA vaccines and vectors
▪▪Mutation studies, including mutant libraries

3. Automatic Review

ռ Ʒ sequence ڵ IDT review ϴ.
Review Ŀ ռ ҿ Ⱓ ٽ ˷帳ϴ.
1) Secondary structure: Hairpins >10 bases and G/C-rich secondary structures
2) Repeats and homo-polymeric runs: long repeats, >10 bases for G/C, or >30 bases for A/T
3) Overall GC Content >65% and regional GC content <25%
4) Restriction site duplications and Dam/Dcm Methylation sites that may interfere with digestion by restriction endonucleases

4. Cloning vector

ڴ ǥð IDT Ư cloning vector pIDTSmart ޵˴ϴ. Ϳ κ ȿ Ʈ
promoter ϴ. ȿ Ʈ promoter ϴ ֹ ϰų û ֽϴ. ⺻ pIDTSmart
Kanamycin Ǵ ampicilin resistance ֽϴ.
Vector name
Size Selection marker Application ߰ Sequence
pUCIDT (Amp) 2752 bp Ampicillin Cloning pUCIDT (Amp).txt
pUCIDT (Kan) 2705 bp Kanamycin Cloning pUCIDT (Kan).txt
pIDTSmart (Amp) 2056 bp Ampicillin Cloning pIDTSmart (Amp).txt
pIDTSmart (Kan) 1962 bp Kanamycin Cloning pIDTSmart (Kan).txt

Technical Note

̵ ߰ ΰ ֽϴ. ( homopolymeric runs, critical hairpin structures high G/C content assembly sequencing ۾ ֽϴ.)
* ռ ÿ ü ݾ 10 % ؾ մϴ.
* Mixed base modified base ռ Ұմϴ.

How to order Gene and Mini Gene synthesis:


Single gene entry

1. From the Ordering tab, click on the Order Genes Now button and select the Mini Gene or Genes ordering tool according to gene size.
2. Copy and paste, or enter your desired DNA sequence using the A, C, G, and T bases only. Degenerate (mixed bases) or modified bases are not offered with our synthetic genes products. Alternatively, customers may enter their amino acid sequence, consisting of one letter codes, into the Codon optimization tool.
3. Codon optimization can be performed for a variety of organisms based on either a nucleotide sequence or an amino acid sequence. More information about codon optimization is provided below.
4. IDT provides synthetic genes 5000 bp in optimized IDT cloning vectors with either ampicillin or kanamycin resistance. In addition, for in vitro transcription applications, pIDTBlue may be selected for genes 1500 bp in length. Information about these vectors is available on the Vectors tab. Genes >5000 bp will be provided in BACs.
5. After submitting your order, the gene request will be reviewed for the following characteristics which may interfere with synthesis, assembly, or sequencing performance. Potential issues include:
* Secondary structure: hairpins >10 bases and G/C-rich secondary structure
* Repeats and homo-polymeric runs: long repeats, >10 bases for G/C, or >30 bases for A/T
* Overall GC Content >65% and regional GC content <25%
* Restriction site duplications and Dam/Dcm Methylation sites that may interfere with digestion by restriction endonuclease
* If the sequence does not pass the screening criteria, you will be contacted by a gene services specialist to determine the best way to proceed

Multiple gene entry

From the Ordering tab, click on the Order Genes Now button and select the Multiple Gene Entry, or Paste Gene Entry ordering tool.
Follow the instruction and/or look up Example Excel files
Biosecurity review: Each gene will be screened to identify regulated and other potentially dangerous pathogen sequences and must be accompanied by a hazard disclosure statement from the customer. IDT reserves the right to refuse any order that does not pass this screen.

Codon Optimization Tool

IDT offers free software in our SciTools Suite of online tools to help with the design of gene constructs for multiple molecular biology applications. The recently updated Codon Optimization Tool can help with the design of synthetic constructs, including gBlocks Gene Fragments to meet your application needs.
With the Codon Optimization Tool you have the ability to optimize a protein coding sequence that is derived from one species for expression in another, you can choose how many results you want to view, and there is the option to manually adjust individual codons within the optimized sequence.

Note: Confirm that the final, optimized sequence is what you require prior to placing your order.The Codon Optimization Tool ranks the least complex sequence as the first result. If your sequence contains repeated motifs or is particularly GC rich, choosing the least complex sequence may improve the manufacturing success of the construct, as well as its use in some downstream applications.

Sequence Verification

All inserts for Genes and MiniGene Synthesis products are sequence verified on both strands prior to shipping. For genes 5000 bp, Sanger sequencing information including chromatograms, a plasmid map, and a FASTA file are available to the customer by logging into their online IDT customer account. In some cases, Sanger sequencing may be substituted with a Illumina MySeq system data.
A sequencing certificate of analysis will be available for genes will be provided genes 5001 bp.
* To download your sequence information or certificate of analysis, login to your account, highlight the Order tab, and select Order History. Locate your order number in the order history and expand the order using the plus button. Select the PDF Spec Sheet from the right hand column.

Guaranteed yields

For genes 5000 bp, IDT will provide 4 g of purified, double-stranded DNA in a circularized plasmid, delivered dried down.
For genes >5000 bp, provided in a BAC, 1g of material will be delivered, dried down.


All gene information, including sequence entry and choice of parameters, is confidential at IDT.
pSMART-Amp.pdf (152,605kb)
pSMART-Kan.pdf (152,589kb)
pUCIDT_-Amp.pdf (142,183kb)
pBLUE_-Amp.pdf (145,434kb)
pBRIDT_-Amp.pdf (194,387kb)
ռ spec sheet [Spec_Sheet_-_Sample.pdf] (468,413kb)
ռ QC sample [Gene_data_sample.gb] (5,585kb)
ıⰡ ϴ.
ı ۼ
gBlocks Gene Fragments
Single Pass DNA Sequencing