E. cloni 10G and 10GF' Electrocompetent Cells


E. cloni 10G and 10GF' Electrocompetent Cells

  • Direct replacements for standard cloning strains (e.g., DH5, DH10B, JM109, TOP10, XL1-Blue, etc.)
  • Optimized genetics for high yields:  phage T1 resistant, endonuclease and recombination minus, blue/white screening-capable.
  • Available in a range of high transformation efficiencies (5 109 to 4 1010 cfu/µg).
  • Convenient packaging options.
Lucigens E. cloni competent cells share the most useful genetic elements of standard cloning strains like DH5, DH10B, JM109, TOP10, etc. and directly replace them in cloning protocols. However, E. cloni electrocompetent cells incorporate a unique manufacturing technology that increases transformation efficiency, recombinant yields and reliability (Figures 1 and 2), while decreasing costs.  These cells provide solutions for a wide range of applications at economical prices.

Choice of strain:

  • E. cloni 10G Competent Cells. Library construction, cloning, subcloning, and plasmid isolation with or without blue/white screening.
  • E. cloni 10GF Competent Cells. Contain the F' plasmid for infection with M13 to produce ssDNA.

Choice of efficiency:

  • E. cloni 10G SUPREME Electrocompetent Cells > 4 1010 cfu/µg pUC DNA
    SUPREME Cells have the highest transformation efficiency available from any supplier. Choose SUPREME Cells for the most demanding cloning situations, such as construction of large, high complexity libraries or cloning difficult targets, which require the greatest number of transformants possible.
  • E. cloni 10G & 10GF ELITE Electrocompetent Cells > 2 1010 cfu/µg pUC DNA
    ELITE Cells have twice the transformation efficiency compared to ultra high efficiency cells from other suppliers. ELITE Cells provide large numbers of transformants from hard-to-clone fragments or limited DNA at a lower price.
  • E. cloni 10G CLASSIC Electrocompetent Cells > 5 109 cfu/µg pUC DNA
    CLASSIC Cells are high efficiency cells with a substantially lower cost per reaction. These cells are the most economical choice for standard cloning and library construction. 10G CLASSIC Cells are available in larger package sizes for convenient use in higher volume cloning applications.
Plasmid cloning. E. cloni 10G SUPREME Cells provide recombinant yields higher than the highest efficiency cells offered by a leading supplier (Figures 1 and 2)
Figure 1. E. cloni 10G SUPREME Electrocompetent Cells consistently outperformed ultra high efficiency cells from a leading supplier. Both strains were transformed with 10 pg of pUC19 (n=16).
Figure 2.Transformation efficiency comparison of E. cloni 10G SUPREME Cells (Lucigen) and Mega DH10B cells (Invitrogen). Competent cells were transformed according to the manufacturers instructions with the same pUC19 DNA control (provided with the Invitrogen cells.
Table 1. E. cloni Competent Cells for Cloning and Library Construction
E. cloni Cell Lines
Transformation Efficiency Cloning Methylated DNA BAC, Cosmid Cloning Blue/White Screening
(cfu/µg pUC DNA)
10G SUPREME Electrocompetent >4 1010 YES YES YES
without IPTG induction
10G ELITE Electrocompetent >2 1010 YES NO YES
without IPTG induction
10G CLASSIC Electrocompetent >5 109 YES NO YES
without IPTG induction
10GF ELITE Electrocompetent >2 1010 YES NO YES
IPTG induction required
E. cloni 10G: F- mcrA (mrr-hsdRMS-mcrBC) endA1 recA1 80dlacZM15 lacX74 araD139 (ara,leu)7697galgalrpsnupG - tonA (StrR)
E. cloni 10GF: [F pro A+B+ lacIqZM15::Tn10 (TetR)] /mcrA (mrr-hsdRMS-mcrBC) endA1 recA1 80dlacZM15 lacX74 araD139 (ara, leu)7697 galgalrpsnupG - tonA (StrR)
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