Amintra Nickel Rapid Flow Resin

Amintra Nickel Rapid Flow Resin

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Amintra NiHIS and CoHIS rapid flow resins are affinity resins precharged with Nickel or Cobalt designed for simple and rapid purification of recombinant HIS-tagged protein from cell lysate under denaturing or native conditions. Amintra NiHIS and CoHIS resin consists of 45-165 m agarose beads covalently coupled to a chelating group.

HIS-TAGGED Proteins: Nickel Rapid Flow
Crude extract (lane 2) containing his-tagged fucolose-1-aldolase was batch purified using Amintra NiHIS Rapid Flow (lane 3) and a competitor resins (lane 4,5)). Amintra resin provides high purity and yield.


Supporting matrix
Covalently coupled to agarose resin
Charged metal ion Ni2+ or Co2+
Bead size range
45-165 m
Recommended working pH pH 2.0-12.0
Typical binding capacity ~10 mg HIS-tagged recombinant protein/ml resin
Maximum Flow rate 25 ml/min
Optimum Flow Rate 1 ml/min
Maximum pressure 3 bar
Chemical stability High
Solubility in water Insoluble

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