Amintra Protein A Magnetic

Amintra Protein A Magnetic

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Magnetic Resin Protein A

Protein A is immobilised to highly porous and highly cross-linked agarose incorporating magnetic material. The particles have an open pore structure with excellent mass transfer properties for large protein molecules. Amintra Protein A Magnetic can be used in any commercially available magnetic device or be settled with any magnet (such as a magnet bar or magnetic plate etc.

 Key benefits:
  • Tailored base matrix design for batch magnetic purification of immunoglobulins
  • Simple and convenient operation, no chromatography training required
  • Flexible operational conditions
  • Low cost
  • No special magnet required
Characteristics of Amintra Protein A Magnetic
Binding capacity
Approx. 15 mg human IgG / ml resin
Chemical compatibility
All commonly used reagents for antibody purifications
Storage condition
4oC – 8oC
Supplied as
20% Slurry

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