Amintra Glutathione Magnetic

Amintra Glutathione Magnetic

Magnetic Resin GST-Tagged

GST-tagged proteins expressed in bacteria, yeasts, insects and mammalian cell cultures can be readily purified in a single purification step. After binding of target molecules, the magnetic resin can be readily isolated with the aid of a magnet. The GST tag can be cleaved in bound condition or in eluted condition by specific proteases such as TEV-express and 3C-express.
Amintra Glutathione Magnetic is specially designed for magnetic purification of proteins in batch mode. The base matrix is made of cross-linked magnetically charged agarose.Removal of liquid after each step, such as binding, washing and elution can be readily done by pulling the resin down with a magnet.

Its carefully controlled pore structure allows fast access of affinity ligands by target protein molecules and the strong mechanical strength permits harsh operational conditions. Clarified or unclarified cell lysates or culture broths can be directly processed with Amintra Glutathione Magnetic. All these translate into high process flexibility and higher protein yield at shortened purification time.

Most commercial magnetic devices can be used to handle this resin; no special magnet required. A magnetic stirring bar commonly available in laboratories can be used to drag down the magnetic particles.

Characteristics of Amintra Glutathione Magnetic
Base Matrix
Highly cross-linked 4% magnetic agarose
Particle size
50 – 150m
Ligand density
>=20mol / ml resin
Protein binding capacity
10 mg / ml resin
Chemical stability
Stable in all the commonly used aqueous buffers; stable at short contact to denaturants (e.g. 6M guanidine.HCl or 8M urea); stable to common clean-in-place agents e.g. 70% ethanol, 0.1 M NaOH, 0.1 M HCl.
pH stability
Storage condition                                
20% ethanol at 4oC – 8oC
Supplied as
50% Slurry

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