Custom RNA Oligos

Custom RNA ռ

IDT ó ڵ ʿ ϴ RNA մϴ. IDT RNase-Free HPLC 85% ̻ full-length RNA oligos մϴ. Deprotection desalting 5-6 ҿǸ 7-10 ɸϴ. RNA oligos counter-ion sodium Բ ˴ϴ.

Custom RNA ռ 
100 nmole 250 nmole 1 mole 5 mole 10 mole
2'-O-Methyl RNA
DNA (in chimeric oligos)
RNase-Free HPLC Purification
Annealing of Complementary Oligos
 :  5 - 60 bases ռ
Yields (listed for unmodified RNA oligos 20-45 bases in length):
ռ Standard Desalting 差 RNase-Free HPLC 差
100 nmole 6 ODs 1 OD
250 nmole 15 ODs 3 ODs
1 mole 45 ODs 15 ODs

Large-Scale RNA ռ

RNA, RNA analogs and chimeras are now available from 10 micromoles up to two grams! ڼ 031-556-3905 ǹٶϴ.


2'-O-Methyl RNA

2'-O-Methyl RNA  RNA analog ribonucleases degradationǴ մϴ.

IDT Guarantees Quality

IDT has pioneered the use of high throughput Quality Control methods and is the only oligonucleotide manufacturer that offers 100% QC and purity guarantees. Today, every oligo synthesized at IDT undergoes QC by mass spectrometry. IDT also offers CE and analytical HPLC as routine tools for additional QC on purified oligos. In addition to DNA, IDT has led the effort over the last decade to reduce the cost of high-quality custom RNA synthesis. Through improvements to the traditional tert-butyldimethylsilyl (tBDMS) chemistry and advances in instrumentation, IDT has achieved the highest coupling efficiency in the industry. Only at IDT are customers guaranteed the very best in quality synthesis with free mass spectrometry and CE traces on all purified oligos.
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